Rules and rewards

By taking on the Ration Challenge, you’ll need to adhere to the following rules. The Challenge works on an honesty policy, so it’s down to you – and your conscience – to see it through properly!

The rules

1. You’ll eat only the contents of the Ration Challenge pack (or the ingredients on your shopping list) for the seven-day duration of the Challenge, unless you’ve ‘earned’ other ingredients by achieving your fundraising goals.

2. You’ll only drink water during the week, unless you’ve ‘earned’ tea or coffee by raising $1,000.

3. You’ll commit to doing your best to raise a minimum of $500 by 30 June (if this sounds scary, don’t worry! Follow our fundraising tips and you’ll be there in no time).

4. The Ration Challenge begins with your first meal on Sunday 17 June and ends when you wake up on Sunday 24 June – not at midnight on the 23rd!


Like many refugees, who seek out ways to earn extra money to help support themselves (for example by making and selling handicrafts), you too will be able to ‘earn’ extra ingredients to add to your meals.

To do that, you’ll need to work hard on your fundraising. If you hit the goals listed below, you’ll earn much-needed rewards to add to your rations, such as a spice or flavouring, a fresh vegetable of your choice, or even a welcome cup of tea. So the friends, families and colleagues who are willing to sponsor you will be playing a crucial role in helping you through Challenge week, as well as providing vital funds to support refugees and other vulnerable communities around the world.

Your rewards will be tracked on your fundraising hub alongside your donation total – so you’ll easily be able to keep track of the extras you’ve earned so far, and how much more sponsorship you need to unlock the next one.

Getting started:

  • Self-sponsorship – choose a spice for the week (no limit)
  • Raise $100 – add 50g sugar
  • Raise $250 – add 210ml milk
  • Raise $500 – add a vegetable of your choice (170g)
  • Raise $750 – add 120g protein (for example an egg or tofu)

Heroic fundraisers:

  • Raise $1,000 – add 2tsp of coffee or 2 tea bags
  • Raise $1,500 – add any food item (<$5)
  • Raise $2,500 – add any hot or cold drink (330ml)


  • Once all team members have raised over $350 you can all have an extra 100mL of milk OR 25g of sugar

Challenger insights

“What I took away from the experience was that it was a huge awareness-raising activity for both myself and also for my friends and family who got to come on the journey with me.”


“Receiving the pack in the post had a huge impact on me. It really hit me how little a refugee receives. I shared a photo and straight away people started donating when they too saw how little it was.”